The World Cup domi­na­tes ever­y­day life in South Africa

South Africa wan­ted to host the 2006 WORLD CUP but we lost the bid to Ger­many after the man by the name of Charles Dim­psey dici­ded not to vote. I tell you, the fee­ling is unbe­livable. Since South Africa was pro­noun­ced as the coun­try to host 2010 World Cup and the con­struc­tion of new sta­di­ums, world cup has been in the lips of every South Afri­can. Last year foot­ball fri­day was intro­du­ced to accelarate the fee­ling, every fri­day in work pla­ces, lear­ners in schools from pri­mary to ter­ti­ary insti­tu­tion and those who are not working, in fact ever­yone in South Africa wear Bafana Bafana jear­sey and believe me u could tell some­thing is com­ing and ITS BIG. Two months ago ever­y­town here, all par­ti­ci­pa­ting coun­tries flags are fly­ing high. Now Bra­zil, Aus­tra­lia, Argen­tina are alre­ady here the fee­ling is MORE. South Afri­can com­mu­nity is a crazy sportnation,we have been and we are ready to host the WORLD the Afri­can way… „CHAM­PI­ONS ARE COM­ING“ has been the head­lines for sport in every news­pa­per and in TV adverts for the event. We cant wait to wit­ness the kick­off of the first game of the WORLD CUP in the Afri­can soil… „FEEL IT, IT IS HERE“ is our slo­gan and we are fee­ling it, in pro­per sence of the word…„

Bon­ga­t­hini Zulu, 2010