What does the 2010 world Cup mean to me as A South African?

I close my eyes, and think of the South Africa I grow up in as a young girl, and envi­sage how it will come alive for the first time for the whole world. This is what my mind paints. ”The sounds of women (omama beli­li­zela) ulu­la­ting, the man screa­ming (laduma) “it’s a goal”, boys (abafana) whist­ling, the girls sin­ging and the colour of Mnz­ansi com­ing alive accom­pa­nied by the sfussball_kleinound of the vuvu­zela”. What a blin­ding explo­sion of colour I see! This is what, in my minds eye’s, I so cle­arly see and this is indeed what the world will see, feel and taste when the kick of begins.

Howe­ver, this is just my view. On the very same expe­ri­ence, dif­fe­rent views are held, by eco­no­mist, cri­ti­ques and poli­ti­ci­ans. See, the pic­ture for all this intel­lec­tu­als, aca­de­mics and ana­lyst is more com­plex then my sim­ple coun­try girl ima­gi­na­tion. Eco­no­mist, they see pros­pe­rity and a major eco­no­mic boost, and on the other side, cri­ti­ques, pre­dict the esca­la­tion of crime, more­over, poli­ti­ci­ans per­ceive an oppor­tu­nity to strengt­hen bila­te­ral rela­ti­ons, who can blame them really?

I do agree that there shall be some eco­no­mic bene­fits when the dif­fe­rent cur­rency exch­ange hands in our shores. Nevert­he­l­ess, to us “coun­try bump­kins” we will not feel it the eco­no­mic boom I mean. Well, in the view of crime, this is a hypo­cri­ti­cal view of any coun­try you have only seen on tele­vi­sion. One thing for sure the South Africa I live in, is a place roo­ted in the sprite of “Ubuntu” (Huma­nity). But I will let all the soc­cer lovers that will grace our Afri­can Soil expe­ri­ence it for them­sel­ves it’s a well keep secret “Ubuntu”.

One thing that is very clear, is that for ordi­nary South Afri­can it’s about a game we all love that pulls toge­ther son and fathers, that fill up shi­be­ens on wee­kend, a game that cross colour, but most import­antly Africa as the stage for the world in my life time WOW!. The FIFA 2010 world Cup to me means one thing, and that is that all Afri­cans will share the love of the game, des­pite there social class or the events impact on the GDP and for once Africa will unit the world.

Nom­pu­melelo Maisela, Mai 2010